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Meet Your Health Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, feel more energetic, be healthier or suffer from a disorder or disease, I am here to help you! 


New diagnosis? I can help you change your diet and avoid or reduce current medications and address medical concerns.

Changing your diet, increasing nutrient intake will improve your health - despite your medical condition.

Offering HIPPA compliant Tele-conferencing to you, anywhere in the world.

Diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, digestive dysfunction, eating disorders, neurological and endocrine disorders, migraines and weight loss, gallbladder or liver issues, renal conditions, gout, IBS, are amongst the many medical conditions I have helped over the past 30 years. 

I specialize in detox diets and post-detox integration and intermittent fasting.

Questions about keto diet, current diet trends or how much protein you need?

The internet is flush with conflicting information. I will help you decipher and a design a personal plan that suits YOUR needs. 

Have a New or Existing Diagnosis?

Diabetes or pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, digestive dysfunction, eating disorders, neurological and endocrine disorders, migraines, gallbladder or liver issues, renal conditions, gout, IBS, are amongst the many medical conditions I have helped people with, over the past 30 years. 

Doctors, internists, neurologists, mental health therapists and life coaches refer their patients/clients to me when their patients need practical and effective nutrition support. 

Why Hire a Nutritionist?

Our bodies use nutrients in a variety of ways. Many diseases and ailments require that you eat specific foods and eliminate others. Often, it's what we are not eating that makes the difference to our health - adding, versus taking away, specific foods has an impact. What we eat and what we don’t eat matters. 

I analyse supplements you may be taking, assessing if they are the correct strength and blend for you. I will identify inferior supplements that may not be as effective as you think they are - and then recommend superior ones. 

Take the Mystery Out

Changing your habits and behaviors to realize your health goals can be intimidating. That is why I help all my clients better understand the process by taking out the mystery. Through years of experience and expertise, I have found that success comes to you more quickly, and with ease, when you are an informed participant in the process. 


Your success will be realized at your own comfort level and pace.

You will get results: Live With Energy And Clarity


Discover long lasting, life-long dietary practices.


Do you have
a new or ongoing diagnosis?



Achieve the level of health you desire.


Diagnosis or Personal Goals

Whether something or someone compels you to make a change, or you've been struggling with digestive, medical or an eating disorder, or if you are looking for a natural treatment for a specific medical diagnosis', I will develop a program for you. One that fits with your day-to-day schedule and eating preferences. And I will support you one-on-one throughout. 

For your convenience, I offer video appointments worldwide.  We can meet from the comfort of your home or office. No commute time or being stuck in traffic.

Your Program

You are Unique...


I start by determining where you are now, by asking the right questions and listening. Together, we'll clarify and create a program for your healing and for the lifestyle you want to live based on how you want to look and feel. I will help you from move forward by designing and implementing strategies enabling you to adopt new and healthier behaviors to realize your goals. Although the work and commitment ultimately falls in your lap, I'll be by your side all the way. Give me a call to learn more...


No Mystery, Just Results.

About me

I have been a Nutritionist and Natural Health Practitioner for more than 30 years. My compassion and desire to build relationships with my clients ensures their success. My clinical experience using body chemistry to create personalized programs, along with my own experience of knowing the challenges involved in changing your lifestyle, help me quickly build rapport with my clients. I know firsthand, that eating right and sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan can be difficult, finding the right person to support and guide you is the secret to success. You have my commitment.

My clients often remark that knowing my support is always just a phone call away makes all the difference is reassuring, knowing they are not in this alone.

Marta De Wulf nutritionist healthy and smiling close-up recent headshot.
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As a winner of Michelle Obama’s Apps for Healthy Children and Co-founder of, I help children and families prevent and address childhood obesity by bringing awareness and solutions to issues families face every day.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Chemistry from Arizona State University. My Post Graduate study in Australia and New Zealand expanded my ability to look at the body’s systems, which enables me to assess each person as an individual.


noticed changes

in me, not just the weight

loss and clear eyes, they said I radiated the inner peace of good health!"


"Marta transformed my life. We were referred by our physician. Marta is best in what she does. I eat better, I sleep better, I have far more energy."

"After years of

an eating disorder and

abusing my body, I have

developed respect for my it and

as hard as it was, I learned

how to eat again!"​

"After just one

appointment with Marta,

I knew that I had found

someone who understood me

and my challenges for the

first time ever."


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